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What are Salon Suites?

The Salon Suite concept is changing the way the beauty industry operates by allowing you to take control of your own business. When you rent a salon suite from Aspire Salons, you have a much larger, private space to call your own. This allows you escape the politics of working in a chain or privately owned salon and work for yourself. The great part is that there are several suites under one roof so you’re never alone! Salon Suite renting invites you to bring your personality into your business the way you want and on your own time.

Commission & Booth

  • Strict, structured schedule
  • Paid hourly rate or commission percentage
  • Prices are set by the salon
  • Work under the owner of the salon

Salon Suite Concept

  • Set your own hours and rates
  • 24/7 access
  • Customize the space the way you want it
  • You get to keep all the profits

Exclusive Professional Support

Starting a business can have its challenges, and that’s why we, at Aspire Salons, are here to make sure you are successful. When you become a salon suite owner we offer help setting up your business and provide step-by-step assistance to get you started on the right foot. We have an extensive background in business and expertise in the beauty industry, so we have no doubt that any beauty professional can succeed here.

Is a Suite Right for Me?

If you are constantly asking yourself any of these questions, let us help you find your freedom to do what you love!

Have you outgrown working for other business owners?

Are you sick of giving a percentage of your commission to the salon?
Have you dreamed of running your own salon?
Are you ready for a more beneficial change in your career?

What You Get as an Aspire Renter

  • No commission taken from your sales
  • Professional help in starting a business and marketing yourself
  • 4 weeks free rent at lease signing
  • Ability to choose the products you use
  • Customizable suite space to fit your personality
  • Luxurious suites with a lot of storage space for your tools and products
  • Suite sharing for no additional cost

Example Salon Suite

Easy & Lucrative

Suite renting at Aspire Salons is an easy transition because our team will set you up for success. Unlike other booth renting salons, we offer education, marketing, and support for all of our stylists. So why wait? The time is now!

Make The Move

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